INW 2024 20th Italian Networking Workshop 22 - 24 January 2024, Madonna di Campiglio, Italy
Organized by the MANTA Research Lab, Univ. of Trento

Call For Papers

Authors are encouraged to prepare talks in either a standard 15-minute format or as a 5-minute pitch. This second option is especially recommended for young scholars.

As in previous editions, the 20th Italian Networking Workshop has a broad scientific scope covering the most important research topics in the networking field, such as:

  • Beyond 5G and 6G networks

  • Mobile edge computing and offloading

  • Quantum communication and networking

  • mm-Wave communication networks

  • Joint communication, networking, and sensing

  • Network architectures and protocols

  • Routing and channel access protocols

  • Content/information centric networks

  • Optical networks

  • Data center and cloud networking

  • Software Defined Networks and Radios, and Network virtualization

  • Network hardware acceleration

  • Energy efficient and green networking

  • AI and ML for networking

  • Traffic measurement and analysis

  • Traffic engineering and control

  • Wireless networks

  • Internet-of-things

  • Semantic communications

  • Vehicular networks

  • Video streaming technology

  • Wearable computing

  • Network security and privacy

  • Network modeling and performance evaluation

  • Social networks

  • New network and communication paradigms